Our Impact

Hit Your Potential (HYP) youth program has developed a proprietary, easy-to-use, structured curriculum to help students gain the skills needed to be independent and successful readers. Our curriculum provides targeted instruction and practice of foundational literacy skills students need to move towards grade-level reading proficiency and is designed to be easily administered by volunteers. HYP curriculum is aligned to promote student mastery through alignment with classroom expectations.

The power of individualized attention

Pat Mitchell

HYP recognizes the challenges classroom teachers face in meeting a wide variety of student needs. Our one-on-one model:

  • Provides each student with a caring coach to deliver targeted support and champion success
  • Gives each student the opportunity to work at his or her own pace and at just the right level
  • Offers personalized language support; a tutor can stop and discuss words and topics unfamiliar to his or her student as needed
  • Allows for student choice with the guidance of a trained adult

Targeted lessons for success

The Hit Your Potential curriculum is comprised of reading, health, and fitness lessons. Each lesson is easy-to-follow and requires no preparation outside of the boxing gym. Hit Your Potential’ staff offer ongoing coaching and support to tutors and coaches as questions arise.

Lessons cover multiple reading skills

  • Each lesson begins with the tutor reading aloud to the student from a book the child has selected. The tutor asks questions and discusses the book’s content and vocabulary with the student.
  • The tutor introduces a new skill or concept and helps the student complete an introductory task.
  • The tutor supports the student while he or she reads and encourages the student to apply the new skill and/or concept.

Supporting success beyond the gym

Hit Your Potential’ reading lessons are built around carefully selected books. Books are chosen to fit the skills being taught and match students’ reading levels. To acknowledge the diversity of our student population, Reading Partners ensures that the curriculum includes texts featuring characters and stories from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

Hit Your Potential encourages reading and fitness at home. Since many families in the Kenosha may have few children’s books at home, we give students books to read at home and build their own libraries.